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Dear Fellow Hardgainer,

If you want to build slabs of lean, rock-hard muscle, then PAY ATTENTION because I’m about to reveal one little secret that flipped my genetic switch and ignited the muscle-building fire inside of my body…

I’m Trey “3” Armstrong…

And today I want to tell you a shocking story. It’s the tale of a young, shy, science-nerd who thought he could never build muscle, but one day stumbled upon this unique method that helped him see results in as little as 7 days.

Once this skinny bookworm figured out all the pieces to the muscle-gaining puzzle, he wanted to share them with the world. He wanted to help guys, who were just like him, change their lives by transforming their bodies from scrawny to superhero.

Guess what? That skin-and-bones nerd I was talking about… that used to be ME.

On this page, I’m going to reveal the exact muscle-building roadblocks that are shortchanging your gains and preventing you from getting the body you desire and deserve.

And then, I’m going to give you the solution to blast through these frustrating roadblocks so you can flip your genetic muscle-building switch to the “ON” position 24/7.

Sound good?

Now, if your goal is to build mountains of impressive muscle while dropping pounds of lazy fat, then you MUST understand this one important fact: Your body DOES NOT want you to build muscle.

Thanks to a few million years of evolution, your body ONLY cares about survival and remaining in homeostasis. There are certain ideas and principles that you should be following, starting TODAY, that will push your body into a corner so it has no choice but to build slabs of dense, rock-hard muscle. Think about how much faster your body will change when you FORCE this to happen. Imagine how much more muscle you’ll pack on and how much fat you’ll shed.

3 Reasons You Can’t Build Muscle

Unfortunately the harsh reality is that you you’ve got a lot stacked up against you if you’re trying to build muscle in the quickest time-frame possible. Like I stated before, your body DOES NOT want you to build even an ounce of extra, lean muscle mass because then it has to devote a lot more precious resources (think calories and nutrients) to keep that muscle alive.

CavedudeAnd this is just on a physiological level. On top of that, you have all of the Muscle and Fiction magazines talking about the supposed “Golden Rules” that you must follow to build muscle. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff they’re preaching is generic and outdated advice from way back in the Stone Age days.

Worse yet, this misinformation gets passed around like the plague.  Every skinny guy believes these muscle-gaining myths “must be true” since everyone is talking about them at the gym. Well, a lot of times the most successful people in life ZIG when others ZAG.

So if you’re frustrated from spending hours in the gym, following this lame bro-science, and getting zero results, I’ve got something to tell you: It’s not your fault. Better still, I’m here to fix this for you right here, right now.

Here are the top 3 reasons why millions of guys, from all over the world, cannot build muscle in the quickest, most natural way possible.

1.       You’re not training at a high enough threshold

Did you know that there are over 4 different types of fibers in every single muscle in your body? Pretty cool right?

But did you also know that by training only ONE WAY, like most guys around the world, you’re neglecting over 75% of potential muscle mass that you could be breaking down and building back up day-after-day, month-after-month, and for years on end. Just imagine how much more muscle you could be building if you hit every single muscle fiber with sufficient volume, intensity, and proper recovery. Your results would be through the roof.

For example, if you lift a certain amount of weight, for a certain amount of reps, and with a prescribed amount of volume, you would sufficiently target the LARGEST muscle fibers throughout your entire body.

And typical “bodybuilding” routines completely ignore these muscle fibers. Ironically these particular fibers are responsible for the most growth. This style of training, called Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, gives you that rock-hard look, plus a ton of strength at the same time…

But you MUST train correctly. Sadly, most guys are doing everything wrong.

The muscle-gaining magic happens when you combine Myofibrillar Hypertrophy with the Progressive Overload principle and avoid training to failure. And all of a sudden… VOILA! You get targeted, muscular HYPER-GROWTH.

Muscle-Gaining Magic

2.       You’re hitting each muscle group only 1x per week

This goes against the typical dogma you see in gyms all over the world and the classic bodybuilding splits: chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, quads Thursday, etc…

But if you follow the juiced-up bodybuilders in the muscle and fiction mags, you’ll go nowhere fast. You see, the most successful people in any facet of life break free from the herd and blaze their own path to success. This is what you should be doing.

Those typical steroid-bodybuilding routines allow for 52 growth-potential workouts per year, per body-part. Now what if you just bumped up that number and hit each muscle group 2x per week? That would obviously double the amount of muscle-building workouts to 104…

Muscle FiberImagine if you bumped it up by 3? That would then equal 156 growth-producing sessions per year. That’s a lot of potential muscle you’re missing out on…

Now you can’t just go and do 3 workouts of 10+ sets for each body-part 3 times per week to failure. That would be total overkill because you would never be able to recover from your workouts. In fact, you’d lose muscle because you’d be breaking so much of it down each and every week.

Good news is that there’s a smart way around this. It’s a workout-planning technique called non-linear periodization. In plain English this means you hit each muscle group multiple times per week, targeting all of the major muscle fibers, which super-charges your muscle-building potential. Plus, these types of workouts never leave you feeling drained of energy because your nervous system is not being beaten into the ground 5-6 days a week from going to failure all the time.

In fact, you’ll have more energy when leaving the gym because you’ll be so psyched up thanks to these awesome workouts.

3.       Your recovery plan flat-out sucks

There’s a lot more that goes into your muscle-building recovery plan than just having some tasteless protein shake you picked up from the local vitamin store. There’s a heck of a lot more than that. Yes, having a protein shake after your workout is smart. But that’s only one hour out of the day that you’re attempting to optimize your muscle-building capabilities.

But what about the other 23 hours?

During this time you MUST follow a specific plan to optimize hormone levels to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Wondering how? You simply manipulate  how many carbs, proteins, and fats you eat during certain times of the day. For example, did you know that recent research found that the best way to kick-start the anabolic muscle-building process is not AFTER your workout, but BEFORE your workout?

In fact, they found it’s over 200 times more powerful. Essentially, you want to ingest certain types of protein and carbohydrate foods together to achieve this powerful, anabolic effect. So by not doing this, you possibly can be losing out on tremendous gains and increased recovery times…

Can you say WOW?

But don’t worry because now I’m going to give you simple solutions to start building muscle at the fastest rate possible WHILE also burning up useless pounds of fat in the process…

3 Solutions to Flip Your Genetic Muscle-Building Switch to the “ON” Position 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

There’s just no way around it. If you want to truly maximize your body’s muscle-building capabilities by naturally increasing your own powerful supply of anabolic hormones and decreasing the amount of catabolic hormones, then you must follow these three principles.

Oh and before I forget, when you combine these 3 solutions you’ll be able to build muscle at warp speed without having to worry about adding layers of body fat in the process.

Principle #1: Increase “The Anabolic Burn Effect” 

Want to boost the output of powerful muscle-building hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)? It’s easy when you know how to manipulate the individual components that create the “Anabolic Burn Effect” inside of your body. I’m going to reveal three of them right here:

a). Limit the Time You Train

What do I mean by this? Simply put, limit the amount of time that you spend in the gym per workout. Most guys will either train too little or way too much. You can usually tell who the “too little” guys are because they’re there at the gym for 20-30 minutes doing some hum-drum job on whatever body part they’re supposed to be hitting that day. On the other hand, you have the guys who spend countless hours hammering out endless sets of chest or arms because they think it will lead to more growth.

The truth is you need to find that sweet spot that allows you to get in and get out of the gym. That’s why I recommend you limit your workouts to just 45 minutes maximum per session. Now you can workout 2-3x per day if you want. Of course your training and recovery program needs to be top-notch, like the one I teach.

Plus, there’s another big benefit to hitting the gym, giving it all you’ve got in 45 minutes, and then getting the hell out. Mainly because marathon-bodybuilding workouts increase the amount of cortisol released from your adrenal glands. I touched on this briefly in the special report, but cortisol is a catabolic hormone which kills your muscle growth.

Let me explain: Cortisol is released in times of stress. Resistance training is a form of controlled stress on your body. Cortisol breaks down protein, which is converted into glucose, and used for energy metabolism. Problem is, we DO NOT want this to happen. That’s why you see a lot of hardcore marathon runners and joggers who are so scrawny and sickly looking. They lost most of their muscle mass because their bodies are constantly breaking down protein to fuel their endurance activities.

b). Leave 1-2 Reps In the Tank

One of the worst things you can do to slow the recovery process, and miss out on multi-growth muscle-gaining sessions like I talked about in the last article, is to train to constant failure on every set of every exercise of every workout. Especially the exercises that recruit tons of muscle fibers like squats, bench press, dead lifts, rows, etc. I’m about to drop some more muscle-building science on you. Here goes…

CNSThe reason muscle tissue moves and contracts is because of your central nervous system (CNS). What most guys don’t know is that your CNS takes a lot longer to recover then muscle tissue. Therefore, when you push to failure every workout, you’re wearing out your CNS, which is the one key element that will allow you to train each muscle group multiple times per week.  Worse yet, by training to failure, you will actually lose strength as you complete more workouts. The good news is that by simply avoiding CNS fatigue you will instantly speed up your results.

For example, how often have you bench pressed or did some lift where you got maybe 10 reps on the first set. Then the second set you got 8, 6, etc. That’s because your nervous system got tired. If you left 1-2 reps in the tank, you’d be able to preserve your strength for the remaining sets and therefore lift a higher total amount of weight. This is the volume part of the equation and super important for increasing all of your muscle-building hormones naturally such as testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, and IGF-1.

c). Hit Each Muscle Group Multiple Times Per Week

By hitting each muscle group a couple times per week, you’re doubling and sometimes tripling the amount of growth-inducing training sessions over the course of a year. Simple logic would dictate that 104 growth-inducing training sessions is better than 52 right? Then if you bumped that number up by 1 more workout per week, this would equal 156 sessions per year for each muscle group. That’s a lot more chances to build muscle than the typical and boring 1x-per-week bodybuilding routines.

Remember that your program MUST be properly planned out so you gain muscle fast without venturing into an overtrained state. Symptoms of overtraining include achy joints, fatigue, and even depression. That’s not cool at all. But have no fear because all you need to do is follow a non-linear model of periodization. This style of training originated from the old-school European Olympic lifting countries, with hard-to-pronounce names.

So by varying the loads, reps, sets, volume, and exercises each day, you’re able to hit multiple strength qualities and muscle-fiber types. Plus get stronger and build muscle without overtraining. When you throw in Progressive Overload on top of that, you get the PERFECT muscle-building recipe.

Principle #2: Employ the 20-Minute Muscle Miracle

You ever hear that expression “S*** happens?” Well the same can be said when it comes to you and your results in the gym, at home or wherever you work out. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your body will act like a stubborn little child and not want to grow bigger and get stronger. It flat out sucks and sometimes happens.

But there is a way around this to ensure you continually keep building muscle week after week for months and years on end. You’ll literally be backing your body into a corner so it has no CHOICE but to adapt and build muscle.

And this is where you throw in what I like to call the 20-Minute Muscle Miracle. It’s a “SHOCKING,” results-producing workout that you perform once per week. That’s it. You dedicate 20 minutes of your time, and do a special intense-growth workout to make sure you continue to make forward progress. This short-burst workout is the secret weapon in your muscle-building arsenal.

Then, after a certain period of time, we throw in a de-load week, which is a concept borrowed from athletes who need to “PEAK” prior to competition. This is crucial because it’ll allow the “super-compensation” effect to take place.

Super compensation happens when your body is given a slight break for some much-needed rest and relaxation. When your body is allowed to strategically recover, MASSIVE GROWTH happens. I’m talking like 1-5 pounds of lean mass gained in just 1 week. And the cool part is you don’t even need to be working out during this special week to gain this muscle! That’s because all the hard work was already completed during the previous weeks of training. This principle is mainly used in strength-training and power-lifting circles, but rarely unleashed to specifically build muscle… UNTIL NOW.

Principle #3: Rapid Recharge

One of the biggest muscle-gaining misconceptions is that all of your growing and building of muscle happens inside of the gym. The truth is that your muscles grow OUTSIDE of the gym, while you’re at the dinner table, and at night while you’re snuggling under your Super Ninja Turtle blanket 😉

Now a lot of guys understand the principle that they need to have a post-workout shake right after their workouts. This is true and will never be disputed. However, you need MORE than just another boring protein shake, from your local vitamin store, to get the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, you need specific proteins, not the worthless pills and powders you find on most store shelves. You see, only certain types of protein will be digested and used by the body in the fastest time frame possible for growth and repair.

Another massive and crucial tip to really jacking up your natural muscle-building rate is by eating certain amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats throughout the day to optimize the natural hormonal environment inside of your body. By doing this, and following a specific workout protocol, you’ll be able to build muscle without adding a shred of body fat. In fact, you’ll probably burn some body fat in the process, which is awesome because most people tend to believe this is not possible. Well, let me set the record straight once and for all. It is INDEED possible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time…

Insulin Sensitivity ScienceThe secret is taking advantage of the critical element of insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity can be described as the muscle-building lock-and-key effect. When you eat something, your body does one of two things with those calories:

1) Burn ’em up
2) Store ’em

Now the trick with building mounds of muscle and burning pounds of blubber at the same time is forcing MORE calories to be torched and used for energy as opposed to be stored as fat. And it all comes down to increasing your insulin sensitivity.

The best way to do this is to consume your carbohydrates mainly AROUND the time you’re about to train. This is immediately BEFORE and shortly AFTER your workout. This will allow your body to properly utilize carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment and to help increase protein synthesis. Yet another awesome way to increase this muscle-building lock-and-key effect is to cycle your carbohydrates following a certain workout protocol. This again, will heighten insulin sensitivity, allow you to build muscle, and burn fat 24/7.

Now you know the TOP 3 things that were holding down your natural muscle-building capabilities, along with my top 3 principles to overcoming these results-producing speed bumps. It’s really all about following a proven, tailor made, specific, and SIMPLE plan to overcoming these obstacles so you get results. It’s all strategy in the end. Just like war, the army with the best battle plan is often times the winner.

Are you ready to experience just how fast you can naturally build muscle when you finally flip your genetic muscle building switch PERMANENTLY to the “ON” position 24/7?

Are you ready to be the next success story? 

Eamonn Finally Put On Muscle Without an Ounce Of Fat

Ever since I can remember, I was always the skinny guy growing up. All my friends were bigger than me so I took up wrestling because I would only go up against someone in the same weight class. I ended up going to states, but when I was finished with wrestling, I needed a new hobby so I took up weight training. I wanted to get bigger and stronger, but found it really hard to gain weight.

I wasted a lot of money on supplements and spent WAY too much time in the gym following those classic bodybuilding programs. However, when I started following the protocols inside of 3-Step Muscle Building, I began to see results. I was able to gain 11 pounds of pure muscle in just 8 weeks without an ounce of fat, which I thought was cool because I didn’t want my waistline blowing up.

-Eamonn O’Shea


Phil Got In Spring-Break Shape

I had a vacation coming up, specifically spring break and me and some friends were heading down to Panama City Beach Florida. Of course I wanted to look good for the beach and vacation while I was down there, but I had no idea where to begin. Back in the day I would just do a lot of push-ups and pull-ups, but it never got me anywhere. So I started following everything inside of 3-Step Muscle Building, especially the workouts since I only had 8 weeks till my trip.

Well, my body completely transformed. My chest, back, shoulders and arms got bigger and I started seeing abs for the first time. Funny thing was I didn’t even perform a single crunch or sit-ups. Just the big lifts like described inside Step 2 of the system. Anyways, the program was awesome and I couldn’t be happier.

-Phil Logrippo


Dan Broke Through His Plateau

I’ve been lifting all my life and hit a huge plateau, or I guess you can say a big muscle-building road block. My bench press numbers stalled, I stopped growing, and it was like no matter what I did, I couldn’t kick-start my gains. I was stuck and I thought my body was broken. Luckily when I was doing some research on the internet, I stumbled upon this program and decided to give it a try.

Why not I figured, I had nothing to lose. To my surprise, whatever I did on the program worked. Within a week, my chest felt bigger and I was just beasting the weights. I broke through my muscle-building plateau and haven’t looked back since. It was pretty cool…

Dan Lofgren


Elad Built Muscle and Burned Fat

In only 4 weeks, I was able to build muscle, get stronger and burn fat at the same time. I was shocked when I took my before and after pics because I didn’t expect to see THAT change happen in such a short period of time. In only 4 weeks, I completely transformed my body and I wasn’t even finished with the entire program.

However, my favorite part of the program was the de-load week because I didn’t have to go to the gym, BUT my body was still building muscle at an accelerated rate because of the “super-compensation” effect that was taking place. Plus, my appetite was through the roof, but I didn’t get a single ounce of fat.

– Elad Levi


Anthony Said Good-Bye to the Classic Bulking and Cutting Diets

I was always cut in those classic bulking and cutting cycles where I would eat a lot in the winter time in an effort to get bigger then cut down just before summer time. What usually happened was I’d get stronger and bigger during the winter (with fat gain of course) then when I would cut down, I’d lose a lot of my size, muscle mass, and just feel overall weaker. Basically a feast-then-starve approach, which isn’t really the best answer for anything. But now I don’t have to do that anymore. Just from following the nutrition techniques inside of Step 3, I unlocked the answer to building muscle without the un-necessary fat gain.

-Anthony Debiase


“I Will Be Taking Parts Directly Out of the Program for My Skinny Guys”

Travis is one of the foremost sought after strength coaches online and creator of the 28 Day Athletic Muscle Formula. “I will be taking parts directly out of the program to use on my “skinny guys” because I know they work. I enjoyed Phase II the best that included some tough but results producing 20 min workouts.”

(That’s the 20 Minute Muscle Miracle he’s talking about.)

-Travis Stoetzel


It Changed My Life

Everything that I have used inside of 3-Step Muscle Building has absolutely changed my life. I used to be known as the “skinny guy” back in high-school. The kid on the baseball team with all heart but no brawn. I had zero self-confidence in myself and my abilities. Let alone zero success in the ladies department. It wasn’t until I finally built my body using the same principles inside of 3-Step Muscle Building like the Anabolic Burn Effect and Rapid Recharge that I came out of my shell and transformed into the person that I am today. Gone were the days of being known as the “skinny guy” and gone were the days of having low self-esteem. I now walk around with my head held high all because of everything inside of 3-Step Muscle Building

-Jared DiCarmine

These results are typical and what you can expect from just following the simple steps inside of 3-Step Muscle Building. By far, this entire system only contains the latest and greatest muscle-building research and in-the-trenches knowledge that will work for any guy out there who is looking to finally build slabs of dense, rock-hard muscle without adding, AND possibly melting off, pounds of fat.

Are you ready to transform your body from scrawny-to-superhero?

Imagine being able to build muscle today and every day after. Seeing changes in the mirror every morning when you wake up and having to go out and buy some new “fun” clothes because your chest and shoulders are now POPPING out of your shirts. Now that’s awesome.

Here’s everything that you’re going to get in the entire program…

The Complete 3-Step Muscle Building Program PLUS Sinister Strength

STEP #1: Anabolic Burn Effect™
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This is the exact formula I discovered that allowed me to cut my workout time in half and still build muscle at the fastest, most natural rate possible. After some research, I discovered that these accidental training methods are the perfect way to optimize and increase the output of powerful Muscle-Building Hormones inside of your body. These include Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Insulin, and Insulin-Like Growth Factor…


STEP #2: 20-Minute Muscle Miracle™ ($97 Value)

Being an average trainee, you have to be careful you don’t overtrain by spending hour-after-hour in the gym. That’s why I developed the 20-Minute Muscle Miracle. Each week you perform ONE extra workout… But this special training session is designed to have a muscle-building carry-over effect for up to 48 hours. Think of it as a SHOCK WAVE through your muscles.


STEP #3: Rapid Recharge™ ($97 Value)

Without proper nutrition, your gains will be suboptimal at best. That’s why so many guys say you need to BULK UP in order to build muscle. But that’s complete B.S. The only thing you get by consuming extra calories is an ugly belly that folds over your pants and belt. By utilizing the unique dietary strategies inside such as Carb Cut Offs, Intermittent Fasting Days, Protein Loading, and the 2-Hour Window of Opportunity, you can put the “food into the muscle” without increasing your waistline.

Special Bonus #1: Fast-Start Checklist (a $47 value)

Without a concrete plan-of-attack, you can end up spinning your wheels in the sand and shortchanging your chances of success. Don’t let this happen. So what I’ve done is created this special Fast-Start Checklist to make sure you have everything in place and are ready to start the program. By doing this, you’ll eliminate excuses and guarantee success. As soon as you complete the checklist, you’re ready to get started.


Special Bonus #2: The Success Kit
(a $47

This contains muscle-growth charts, workout logs, and a success journal to make sure you stay on track. One of the biggest reasons why most guys never reach their goal of packing on slabs of muscle is failure to track your progress in a journal. I’ve seen this time and time again. In fact, I always review my daily journal before I start a new training session.

Special Bonus #3:  Supplement Guide (a $47 value)

Now supplements are not required with this program, and a lot of them out there are complete garbage. BUT, some can be helpful and should be a staple if you’re serious about packing on muscle. Heck, many of these vitamins and meal replacement shakes are worth it EVEN IF you don’t care about building muscle–but just want to live a long, healthy life.

Special Bonus #4:  Anabolic Burn Audio (a $47 value)

This is the same powerful information from Step 1 of the program titled “Anabolic Burn.” The only difference is that it’s in audio format for you to enjoy while working out, driving in your car, going for a walk, or running on the beach.


Special Bonus #5:  20-Minute Muscle Miracle Audio (a $47 value)

This is the same powerful information from Step 2 of the program titled “The 20-Minute Muscle Miracle.” The only difference is that it’s in audio format so you can learn my muscle-gaining secrets just by listening.


Special Bonus #6:  Rapid Recharge Audio (a $47 value)

This is the same powerful information from Step 3 of the program titled “Rapid Recharge.” Once again, the only difference is that it’s in audio format in case you don’t feel like reading.


Special Bonus #7:  Sinister Strength
(a $97 value)

In this program, Travis “The Freak Of Steel” Stoetzel unleashes a hardcore, balls-to-the-wall program that will help you build “superhero strength” in no time. Doing these programs in a back-to-back fashion produces a “5-Fold Anabolic Growth Effect” for anyone who is crazy enough to attempt these one after the other. But because you’re here today, we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy this superhero strength program as well.


Special Bonus #8:  Sinister Strength Exercise Database (a $47 value)

Inside this exercise database, you’ll find every single one of the exercises needed to go through the entire Sinister Strength program. Travis holds no punches with these exercises and gives you exact video demonstrations of every single one. This is a great resource for anyone to have.

Plus you will now have totally new, unique, and strength-producing exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home or at the gym even after you finish the program.

Special Bonus #9:  Sinister Strength Workout Logs (a $27 value)

These are the exact same workout logs you’ll need when you go through the entire Sinister Strength program. One of the biggest reasons guys fail to see any progress in the gym is because they never track their workouts. Well, now you have no excuses. Cool thing is that you can track your workouts as you get bigger and stronger week after week.

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Author of 3-Step Muscle Building
“3 Simple Steps to Shocking Muscle Growth”

P.S. Remember, you literally have nothing to lose. Everything has been laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system so you get fast results. This muscle-building program is not going to magically print you money and it’s not powerful enough to make the car of your dreams appear out of thin air… But what it will do is show you the way… The real way of building a powerful, strong, and ripped body. One that girls will admire and dudes will envy.

P.P.S. I wanted to just tell you again… All the risk is on my shoulders. If you don’t gain at least 10 pounds of pure muscle at the end of 60 days, then you have the right to ask for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

P.P.P.S. Wanna know something funny? The professional bodybuilders, especially the famous ones from the past with the funny names (you know who I’m talking about), initially built their chiseled physiques by using basic, compound, multi-joint lifts and only training 2-3x per week. And it was never about doing endless amounts of sets per body part… That only came when they started juicing… thinking the more drugs they did the better their results… But it doesn’t happen that way. Those old-school workouts that they used to build the first 50 pounds of muscle are the same that you’ll find inside 3-Step Muscle Building Click here now to finally get the body you want.

Your Questions Answered

What is 3-Step Muscle Building and how does it work so fast?

3-Step Muscle Building is a revolutionary system that takes the most effective training, nutrition, and supplementation elements from proven science and combines them to give you the fastest results possible. With the combination of the Anabolic Burn Effect, the 20-Minute Muscle Miracle, and Rapid Recharge, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to start building muscle without adding an ounce of belly fat AND even burn fat in the process. Something that many people believe is impossible. But it truly is possible with this ground-breaking system.

The secret is the exact combination of the critical components. Look at it as a gigantic puzzle with hundreds of individual pieces. Not much in the beginning right? But when put together and finished, it’s something you can hang on your wall. I put all of those pieces together so you have an incredibly easy, quick, and simple system to unlock your genetic muscle-building potential 24/7.

I’m a complete beginner. Will this still work for me?

Well of course it’ll still work for you. That’s the beauty of the program because it can work for anyone–from the complete beginner all the way up to the advanced guys. It’s so simple that anyone can follow it.

Can I do this program without belonging to a gym?

Yes, definitely. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a bench to do this program. The system is adaptable for anyone, anywhere.

Do I need to excessively “bulk up” to build muscle on this program?

Here’s my answer for that: HELL NO! I don’t want you to “bulk up” at all while doing this program. That’s just a one-way ticket to gaining fat or even the falling victim to the dreaded skinny-fat syndrome. Don’t worry about buying any weight-gainers packed with useless junk and sugar, or having to shove down thousands of extra calories from garbage all in an effort to get bigger.

I’ve been training for a long time. Will I still see results with this program?

Yes, most definitely. One of the best things for someone who has been training for a long time is to change up your routine in order to continue seeing gains. Especially with this program, I guarantee you’ve never seen these types of workouts before. Plus you’ll get 10 week’s worth of skinny-to-superhero workouts.

Do I need supplements with this program?

No, not necessarily. You never “need” supplements for any program to be effective. Remember, they’re called supplements for a reason because they are supposed to supplement real food. That’s it. Sadly, many guys want a magic bullet in a bottle. However, there are some supplements out there that can be quite beneficial for you if you’re trying to build muscle. I reveal these, in detail, inside of the program.

How fast will I have access to 3-Step Muscle Building?

Well, it depends on how fast your Internet connection is. Everything is completely downloadable and you’ll have instance access in about 1-2 minutes. Nothing is shipped. Everything is delivered instantly as a download. That means you can get started right away.

What if the program does not work for me?

Then it’s FREE 🙂

However, I highly doubt that the program will not work for you. I can guarantee it WILL work for you as long as you put in the necessary effort. Remember, there is no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to building muscle. You do need to put in HONEST work and effort. I firmly stand behind the entire 3-Step Muscle Building system because I have seen the effects of its rapid, muscle-producing components on many guys and it’s completely backed by my unconditional triple-action guarantee.

 NOTE: 3-Step Muscle Building is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all of the e-books and other files onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.